Protection Plan

Secure your children's future with an offer that covers school fees in the event of death.



Our children are the future leaders of tomorrow; therefore, the passing of a fee paying parent/guardian should not mean the end of that child’s education.

Tuition Protection Plan is specifically designed to guarantee the completion of a child’s education in the event of death of a parent or guardian. FBNInsurance will take over the sponsorship of the child’s education for the remaining period he/she has to spend in the school.

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What it covers
  • Passing of the parent/guardian
  • Optional: Permanent Disability of the parent
  • Optional: Critical/terminal illness of the parent
Benefits to Parents
  • In case of the passing of the parent/guardian (whether accidental or natural) anytime during the duration of the policy, the education of the child/ward is guaranteed for their current/the remaining levels of education
  • The premium is embedded in the school fees so the parent does not have to pay anything extra
  • Tuition is guaranteed if the parent/guardian becomes permanently disabled or critically ill if chosen
  • No medical examination of the parent/guardian is required
  • Sanlam Nigeria automatically becomes the guarantor of the tuition at the demise of the parent/guardian
  • The policy can be made a joint life, in which case, both parents are covered and the payment of tuition stops at the death of either of the parents (either first or last survivor)
Benefits to School
  • Attracts new and retains the existing students
  • Builds loyalty
  • Promotes the school’s brand

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