Family Shield

Get coverage to help manage expenses in the event of death or hospitalization.



Family Shield Plus is an annual renewable plan that provides superior cover to help you manage additional expenses or a shortfall in your income if you are hospitalised*. This is in addition to the basic death cover provided.

*Hospitalisation in relation to the plan means admission to a hospital as an in-patient at the recommendation and under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

product details

Product Options and Benefits

The product comes with two (2) options depending on the death and hospitalisation amount payable as shown below:




Annual Premium (NGN)

Sum Assured (NGN)

MaximumNumber ofdays

Amount per day(NGN)




10 days







Policyholders are free to choose the option they want between the two options available.

Hospitalisation Cash Benefit

The plan offers the following hospitalisation cash benefits:

  • Pays a fixed amount per day (a complete 24-hour period) the policyholder spends at the hospital regardless of the actual expense incurred
  • The hospitalisation benefit payment is subject to 5 days per visit and a maximum of 10 days in a year Up to a maximum of two (2) visit per year is covered in case of hospitalisation
Death Benefit
  • There is a ?at death benefit amount payable only on death (from all causes) of the customer
  • There is a 3-month waiting period for death from natural causes
  • If death is as a result of an accident any time during the waiting period, the Company will pay out the full amount of cover
Surrender/Maturity Benefit

This a pure risk policy and does not have any surrender nor maturity benefit.

How To Pay Your Premium & Claim Your Benefit

Premium can be paid through the following channels:

  • Complete a direct debit form
  • Complete a standing instruction form with your bank
  • Electronic transfer from your account to our account (See details below)
  • Deposit into our bank account (See details below)

Please include your name and policy number on allpayments.

Do not pay cash to/through our Financial Advisor or sta?. Our account details are as follows:

FBNInsurance Limited First Bank Account: 2017174914

In the event of the death of the policyholder, please take thefollowing steps:

  • Lodge a formal request by walking into any of our outlets or by sending an email to
  • Submit copies of the following documents:
    (1) Last attending Doctor’s report
    (2) Death certificate from National Population Commission
    (3) Federal fioad Safety Corps report or Police report if death is as a result of accident
    (4) Valid ID card of beneficiaries
    (5) Policy Schedule or form (where applicable)
  • Additional documentation may be required


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