Determine the amount of your savings and benefit from regular returns throughout the term.



The SavingsPlus Plan is designed to support disciplined savings and ensure steady returns throughout the policy duration (minimum of 3years). The plan will accelerate the growth in your savings and help you build a lumpsum (Maturity Value) that will be required to address your savings target while also providing you free insurance coverage of NGN1million to take care of your loved ones in case of an unfortunate event (death and total permanent disability).

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Why You Should Buy The Savings Plus Plan ?
  • Lumpsum payment at maturity – savings plus accrued interest at maturity
  • Flexibility to choose contribution amount (minimum of NGN20,000) and payment frequency (Monthly, Quarterly (M), Half-yearly (H), Yearly (Y) and Single-Payment/One-Off (S) that matches your lifestyle
  • Free Life Insurance Cover of NGN1million per life.
  • Additional protection can be purchased for your loved ones through life insurance cover and the optional Term Assurance rider
How Does it Work?

  • Step 1: Choose Your Policy Premium: Decide your regular savings amount (minimum of NGN20,000 monthly)
  • Step 2 : Decide Your Savings Contribution Frequency: You also decide the savings contributory pattern that suits you (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly, Single- Payment/One-Off).
  • Step 3 : Start Growing Your Fund: You start growing your savings fund as your contribution is credited with promised returns.
  • Step 4: Decide Additional fiisk Cover (Term Assurance fiider): Secure your family from any financial burden in your absence by purchasing additional life cover (Optional Term Assurance fiider)
  • Step 5: Obtain Your Maturity Value: You receive your savings contribution plus accrued interest at the end of the plan duration – Maturity Lumpsum.
Plan Benefits

The planalsooffersthefollowingbenefits:

  • Maturity benefits (contributions plus accrued interest) payable at the end of the plan duration (minimum of 3years)
  • Free Life Cover - Death (all causes) and total permanent disability arising from accident only
  • Additional Life Benefit (Term Assurance fiider)

Death and Total Permanent Disability Benefit

If the policyholder dies during the plan duration or becomes totally and permanently disabled (resulting from accident only), the plan will pay to the beneficiaries the:

  • Free life cover amount (NGN1,000,000) plus
  • Balance in the investment account (savings contribution plus accrued interest) as at the date of the incident

Additional Life Cover (Term Assurance Rider – Optional)

If chosen, the benefit amount will be paid alongside the benefits above in the event that the policyholder dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled.

Surrender Benefit

Policyholder may elect to surrender their policy for cash. To qualify for surrender benefits, the policy must be in force with all premiums paid, for a minimum period of 12months.

The table below shows the surrender benefits payable when policyholder elect to surrender their policy:



Payment to Customer

Up to 6months

10% of contributions

90% of contributions made to date

Greater than 6month to 12month

No interest

100% of contribution

Greater than 12month to 24month

50% of accrued interest

100% contribution plus 50% of accrued interest

Greater than 24month but less than 36month

25% of accrued interest

100% contribution plus 75% of accrued interest

36 month and above

No penalty

100% contribution plus 100% of accrued interest

Guaranteed Returns to Policyholder

The interest rate promised to policyholders is as shown in the table below:

Recurring Premiums

1.5% per annum

Single-Payment (one-off)

2.5% per annum

The interest will be reviewed every quarter and communicated to the policyholders.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum age at entry: 18 years
  • Maximum age at entry: 62 years
Minimum Savings Contribution Amount

The contribution amount will be chosen by the client at inception subject to a minimum monthly premium of NGN20,000. However, customers may elect to increase the regular savings contribution at any point. This will not change the sum at risk (Free Life Cover of NGN1million).


The plan duration is a minimum of 3years.

Premium Payment Frequency

Premium payment can be made monthly, quarterly, half- yearly, yearly and single payment (one-off)

How To Claim Your Benefit

Maturity Benefit:

  • Complete a Maturity/liquidation form

  • Send the duly completed form to any of our sales outlet/office nearest to you, our head office or
    In the event of the death of the policyholder, please take the following steps:

  • Lodge a formal request by walking into any of our outlets or by sending an email to

    Submit copies of the following documents:
    (1) Last attending Doctor’s report
    (2) Death certificate from National Population Commission
    (3) Federal fioad Safety Corps report or Police report if death is as a result of accident
    (4) Valid ID card of beneficiaries
    (5) Policy Schedule or form (where applicable)
  • Additional documentation may be required


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