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2023 Financial Goals: Why YOU Should Choose Sanlam

There are insurers and there are insurers. And then, there is Sanlam: the pan-African financial services powerhouse committed to helping Nigerians live with confidence. Sanlam was founded in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1918 and has gone on to establish presence in 33 African countries, with an audacious presence in 8 out of the 10 largest economies in Africa. Listed on the Johannesburg, Namibian and A2X Stock Exchange, Sanlam, today, is the largest non–financial services group in Africa. Sanlam Nigeria came to be as a result of Sanlam’s acquisition of the 65% holding of FBNHoldings in the defunct FBNInsurance, which was acknowledged as the fastest-growing insurance company by industry watchers. This acquisition, which took place on June 1, 2020, was announced in grand style at a colourful rebranding ceremony on September 20, 2022. Sanlam Nigeria operates as Sanlam Life Insurance with its subsidiary, Sanlam General Insurance. We pride ourselves in an innovative customer...Read more

16 January 2023 Posted In : Life Insurance

Here’s a Smart Way to Save!

‘This year, I must save!’. That was the lone entry in Abel’s diary for January 1, 2023. Indeed, it was the same entry for every January 1 for the past four years of his life. Each year, he never made it past March; life always connived with his acquaintances to mess him up. Last year, he started well. He joined an ‘esusu’ of 12 people and contributed Fifty Thousand Naira every month. Everything went smoothly until it was his turn at the pool in March. Suddenly, Fatai, one of the twelve contributors, lost his great grandmother and needed urgent cash to settle his part of the funeral expenses. Then Angela, another of the twelve, needed to pay her rent urgently and begged Abel to let her skip payment till August, her turn. By the time the rest of the contributions came, Abel had Three Hundred Thousand Naira out of the expected Six Hundred. Month after month, the excuses grew. By August, he was fed up. The ‘esusu’ collapsed and with it his resol...Read more

09 January 2023 Posted In : Life Insurance

Creatively engage your kids this summer!

Summer holidays should -and can- be fun. As a parent or guardian, it is incumbent upon you to plan your wards’ summer so they are adequately and creatively engaged all through the holidays. After all, children should never stop learning. We have compiled a list of ways to make the summer fun and educative for your wards: Cooking and Baking: Maybe now is the time to teach them some culinary skills especially if your kids are old enough to handle kitchen-related activities. Pick a day, preferably a day you’d be home, and take them through the basics of cooking one of their favourite meals. Involve them in the entire process and stand back, watch them replicate what you have done. Before you know it, their culinary competence would shoot through the roof. Create a treasure hunt: Design a simple treasure map and hand it to them. Hide some things of interest around the house and give them a time frame to search for those ‘treasures’. The more...Read more

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Here is a convenient way to save for tomorrow.

Everyone knows the importance of saving but very few actually save. No thanks to a plethora of circumstances: a limited income, skyrocketing bills, unstable economy etc. But then, are you one of those who desire to grow some savings in spite of the bleak situation? Do you have a project in mind? A new car? A wedding? Or even a vacation? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s help you save at your pace and you can make good interests on your savings too! Check out Flexisave and Easysave; two exciting savings plans from Sanlam Life Insurance. For further enquiries, Call 01-9054380, 01-9054364-5, 01-9054444. or email

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How to get the best out of life.

Want to get the best out of life? Let’s show you how. Getting the best out of life does not just happen; you plan it. The choices you make today will aid your realities tomorrow. The question is: What kind of tomorrow do you want for yourself? One predicated on chance or one ironed out to the minutest detail, to ensure you lead the life you’ve always wanted? At Sanlam Life Insurance Limited, we do not just sell insurance; we offer ourselves as your financial services partner in the journey towards a fulfilled life. We have an array of innovative products designed with you in mind. Take our Easy Save policy for example. This policy helps you put aside some money for short term projects with an interest of 5% on your savings. Instead of joining an ‘ajo’ or ‘esusu’ group where you need to start hoping that other members of the group pay their contributions when due, why not take our Easy Save policy and be in total control of your finances? Our...Read more

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Now YOU can save with ease!

When Segun got his call-up letter, he had one thing in mind: to enjoy all of the service year. After all, the famous NYSC tales he’d been told by his brothers were about to become a reality. He woke up every morning in camp looking ahead to what each day would bring. One of such days opened his eyes to a means of convenient savings that was to help him kick-start his post-university life on a good footing. On the day, a team of Financial Advisors from Sanlam Life Insurance besieged the camp, educating and sensitizing the Corp members on the importance of insurance. One product they sold to the corpers was the Sanlam Life Insurance EasySave Plan, a one-year savings plan designed with people like him in mind. He wasted no time in signing up with N10, 000 per month. He had plans. By the time Youth Service was over, he had accumulated a total sum of N124, 800, which was to become the seed fund for his current Snail Farming business. Looking to start a business soon?...Read more

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Do YOU want to earn salary for life?

The retirement party was as colourful as the celebrant’s career. For the retiring paediatrician, Dr. Sylvanus Ikechukwu, however, his mind was far from the back-slapping and wine-guzzling going on around him. He knew exactly what he wanted in retirement. Surely, he was not going to take up any job again having worked actively for the past 41 of his 69 years, sacrificing family and his youth for the Hippocratic Oath. Now that the children were already fathers and mothers themselves, he was determined to spend the rest of his life seeing the modern world with Anne, his devoted wife of 43 years. But the snag was choosing the right investment he could always fall back on. ”Happy retirement, Uncle.” Chidinma, his niece who worked as an Annuity Sales Manager at Sanlam Life Insurance, interrupted his soliloquy. A couple of you’re-now-a-big-girl, where-is-your-husband pleasantries later, Chidinma had introduced her company’s Guaranteed Lifetime Retirement In...Read more

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You never know…

When the family head informed Paulinus of the demise of Mazi Okafor, he knew it was time to once again fulfil his moral and familial obligations. A village boy who rose to become a top executive at a thriving oil servicing firm in Port Harcourt, Paulinus, son of Okpala the palmwine tapper, owed his entire career to four people. After he lost his dad at the age of eight, some elders wanted him to take up his dad’s business. But a group of four, led by the now-late Mazi Okafor, insisted he continued his schooling. This group ensured his tuition and other sundry fees were paid as at due up till the University. In gratitude, as he made money, he ensured they enjoyed the good things of life as they advanced in years. Last year, he had buried one of them, the one her August Meeting mates nicknamed ‘Classy’. Aunty Classy’s funeral had cost him a sizeable amount. Knowing he still had three others he owed the very best, he sought support. He found it in the Sanlam ...Read more

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