Creatively engage your kids this summer!

Summer holidays should -and can- be fun. As a parent or guardian, it is incumbent upon you to plan your wards’ summer so they are adequately and creatively engaged all through the holidays. After all, children should never stop learning.

We have compiled a list of ways to make the summer fun and educative for your wards:

  • Cooking and Baking:

Maybe now is the time to teach them some culinary skills especially if your kids are old enough to handle kitchen-related activities. Pick a day, preferably a day you’d be home, and take them through the basics of cooking one of their favourite meals. Involve them in the entire process and stand back, watch them replicate what you have done. Before you know it, their culinary competence would shoot through the roof.

  • Create a treasure hunt:

Design a simple treasure map and hand it to them. Hide some things of interest around the house and give them a time frame to search for those ‘treasures’. The more they are able to find within the time frame, the more interesting the hunt will be. This game improves familial bonding and aids the kids’ sense of Geography.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument:

The summer is a good time for you to enroll your kids at a music school. Let them learn any instrument of their choice and encourage them by asking them to play to you, say, once a week. Maestros are made not born; you never know if your family would be gifting the world the next Kenny G or Bez!

  • Teach them jewelry making:

Bead shops are springing up all over the place; find a well-stocked one, buy different bead shapes and sizes and the necessary tools needed. Then, sit your kids down and teach them how to make simple beads! You could even encourage them to make one or two for their favourite teachers and present to him/her at resumption!

  • Improve their drawing/Painting:

Come to think of it, as kids, almost all of us tried our hands at drawing. Remember those primary school attempts at rivaling Ben Enwowu? Your kids could excel where you failed. Simply encourage them by enrolling them at an arts school or get an artist to come home and teach them the basics of the craft. Who knows, the next Laolu Senbanjo might be that cutie calling you Mum or Dad today.

  • Go swimming:

Swimming is something we all should do. Apart from the aerobic nature of it, it is also a survival skill necessary in life. Why not use this summer to teach your kids how to swim? Find a hotel near you with a good swimming instructor and pool and get your kids in the water! Surely, they’d thank you for this, someday.

  • Learn a new language:

Dieu merci, il est le vendredi est un dicton commun. Que faire si votre quartier dit en français pour vous un vendredi? Oops! You don’t speak French! That’s one good reason you should let your child speak more than English and that your local dialect. French is cool, Italian is awesome. Find a Language School around and let your kids widen their language this summer.

  • Sports:

I am not sure you have any reason not to allow your kids do sports this summer. Or maybe you do. But here’s one reason you should let your kids play football or tennis or get involved in athletics this summer: In 2015, Serena Williams made $13m in endorsements, Lionel Messi made $41.7m while Ulsain Bolt makes an average of $20m a year! Need we say more?

However, no matter how long the holidays are, it will end someday. Are you ready for the new session’s tuition? Check out our FlexiEdu policy today to ensure you never worry about school fees anymore.

Trust you to ensure your kids have a memorable summer holidays. Cheers!

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