Don’t joke with your child’s future

“I am sorry my brother, things are really tight now. I no get any change at all. Sorry.”

That was the text message Jerry got from Frank, his friend of many years, in response to his request for a hundred-thousand-naira loan. Frank’s was the sixth of such kind of messages he had received in the past two hours. But Franks’ opened his eyes to the general paucity of funds in the system; for Frank was never broke.

Jerry heaved heavily as he collapsed in his chair. He needed urgent cash to settle his children’s tuition. Since he was relieved of his job exactly a year ago, he had gone from interview to interview to no avail. Last term, he was only able to pay the children’s tuition because of the lump sum pay-out he got from his pension fund administrator. Now after sorting the rent and other domestic needs, he was as broke as a joke.

Now that no one seemed to have any spare change, he’d have to find a less prestigious school for his children even if the thought breaks his heart. With the tears welling up in his eyes, he picked his phone to inform his wife of his decision.

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