Here’s a Smart Way to Save!

‘This year, I must save!’.

That was the lone entry in Abel’s diary for January 1, 2023. Indeed, it was the same entry for every January 1 for the past four years of his life. Each year, he never made it past March; life always connived with his acquaintances to mess him up.

Last year, he started well. He joined an ‘esusu’ of 12 people and contributed Fifty Thousand Naira every month. Everything went smoothly until it was his turn at the pool in March. Suddenly, Fatai, one of the twelve contributors, lost his great grandmother and needed urgent cash to settle his part of the funeral expenses. Then Angela, another of the twelve, needed to pay her rent urgently and begged Abel to let her skip payment till August, her turn. By the time the rest of the contributions came, Abel had Three Hundred Thousand Naira out of the expected Six Hundred.

Month after month, the excuses grew. By August, he was fed up. The ‘esusu’ collapsed and with it his resolution to save 10% of all his earnings by year end. It’s 2023 and Abel is determined to break the jinx. He must find a safe, convenient way of saving this New Year.

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09 January 2023 Posted In : Life Insurance

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