FBNInsurance commits to Customer Amazement

FBNInsurance, has restated her commitment to outstanding Customer Service through the firm’s sponsorship of the 2018 Customer Amazement Revolution Masterclass with renowned Customer Service expert, Shep Hykens and accomplished economist, Prof Benjamin Akande.

Speaking at the conference, Lead Facilitator, Shep Hyken, emphasised the need for every business to realise that today’s customer no longer compare apples to apples, but they compare the quality of service received from the business to the best they have enjoyed elsewhere even if the industries were different. He went ahead to propose the Out-Convenience model for winning back the customer’s trust at all times. In his presentation, Prof Akande charged business leaders to commit to building a vibrant generation of youth leaders who will affect the Nigerian economic space going forward.

Val Ojumah, MD/CEO, FBNInsurance, who was also a discussant at the conference, commended the organisers and other sponsors of the conference for their support. He reiterated his firm’s commitment to better customer service as a pre-requisite to continuous customer satisfaction via multiple touchpoints.

The Masterclass, which was put together by The Workplace Centre, had various professionals from the financial services, health sector amongst others in attendance. Recall that recently, FBNInsurance hosted a successful Customer Forum in Aba as one of the avenues to engage with the business.

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